David Hamann Developer & IT Consultant

Hi, I'm David

I am a software developer who helps small and mid-sized businesses with tailored applications. My company builds software, performs on-going maintenance and can even take care of the servers that run your applications.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, I work remotely for clients from around the world. You can hire me for your project, whether it is for prototyping, a green fields development or to enhance or save an existing system.


Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of working with many clients and brands. A few of them are listed below.

Sample Projects

Examples of projects I've done in the past and what you could hire me for. Unsure, if your project fits my service offering? Just send me a short message and we'll find out.

Third-Party Platform Integration

Building and integrating a microservice for receiving job ads from an internal recruiting system and making them available to third-party platforms in multiple formats as a published feed (replacing a slow, manual and inflexible process). Plus adding tracking functionality and building an admin interface.

Cross-System Data Aggregation

Writing an application that allows combining and aggregating data from an accounting software, HR app and a project management system for generating combined financial reports.

Webservices and Middleware

Creating various webservices for allowing previously isolated applications to work together. For example, letting a custom hardware exchange data with an existing legacy database system.

Reporting Dashboards

Collecting data from several automotive promotion systems (test drives, reservations, dealer event bookings) in an automated fashion, making them available to other database applications and incorporating the data into a combined reporting dashboard.


Here are some tools I have used to accomplish my projects.

Python is my go-to programming language. For the FileMaker platform I have all certifications from v12-v17.


I am constantly learning and from time to time publish useful bits on my blog.

Currently, I am on the path to diving deeper into information security.

Let's start a project.

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