David Hamann

Hi, I'm David Hamann

I'm a programmer, penetration tester and IT consultant who helps companies and institutions in the areas of custom software development, security and individual IT needs.

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I can support you in the following areas.

Custom software solutions for individual challenges. I can support you during planning & requirements analysis, development and support of your (internal or external) custom application. Whether it is a web or desktop application, an API or a special tool โ€“ in more than a decade I gained experience in a variety of languages, technologies and domains, and supported clients in both industry and research.

I like to take on new challenges and can help you with building proof-of-concepts, finding and fixing problems in existing applications or creating new software from scratch.

Web applications often handle critical business processes of an organization and can also be a portal from the outside to the inside.

In a web assessement I will inspect your internal or external applications for vulnerabilities โ€“ these range from insufficient input validations over issues with authentication and authorization to misconfigurations of components and services. With growing complexity, usually the attack surface grows as well. A web application test gives you insights into potential weaknesses of your web app and can be performed with or without access to the source code / previous knowledge (white box, gray box, black box).

Besides testing applications for weaknesses I also helped clients with checking configurations, performed internal network penetration tests and did general consulting regarding technical processes.

Not all of my projects fit into the categories above. I've helped and continue to support clients in a variety of areas, such as: systems administration, DevOps, networking, data analysis, workshops/coaching, hardware setups, and general IT consulting and troubleshooting.

I especially enjoy taking on challenges that involve finding and figuring out causes for issues in software or configurations, and deep dive into and analyse various kinds of IT issues.

Are you unsure if your projects fits my profile? Just send me a short message and we'll find out.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Maybe you'll already find an answer below.

You can find an overview of my services listed above. Usually, clients will contact me with a business challenge (e.g. digitalisation/automation of processes), concrete technical issues or the request for an assessment/test. What follows is a short exchange of information regarding the requirements โ€“ in the first case typically a description of the desired end goal for the business, in the latter cases with more concrete technical information.

The work begins after the next steps have been identified and a start date and the financials are agreed on.

Depending on the project the client is either directly involved in the work or gets frequent updates about the progress.

I am based in Berlin, Germany. But since nearly all my work is being done remotely, my clients are not necessarily nearby. In fact, most are located elsewhere.

Through courses and exams I obtained several certifications. In the area of IT security these are, amongst others, OSCP, OSWE or CRTP.

In addition to that I've participated in several courses in areas such as software development, security or machine learning.

For several years I've also done the Claris developer certifications (v12 - v17).

Despite these official documents, most of my continuous education happens by doing my own projects and experimentations.


The majority of my development projects were done using high-level technologies and languages. For example Python, Claris FileMaker, JavaScript, PHP, several SQL databases. For web projects I also used a variety of frameworks and libraries, such as Flask or ReactJS.

I've done configurations and deployments both in traditional self-hosting/on-premise settings and by utilising several AWS cloud services (also in combination with infrastructure as code tools like Terraform).

Due to the enormous amount of available software, a lot of my development and security projects involve learning new frameworks, tools and sometimes languages.

I work with macOS, Linux and Windows on a regular basis.

I also like to dabble with lower-level projects that are closer to the operating system or hardware.

Hiring my company to do a project usually means that you work directly with me and 100% of the technical work will be done by me.

Of course. I'm used to working with non-technical people on the client's side and am happy to discuss technical challenges on a higher level.

Let's start working together!

Send me a short message or call at +49 30 97000707 (please leave a message).

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